Success Stories

"Ellen did a terrific job in a short time on a case full of conflict. I am surprised at what we achieved and she was critical to the achievement. I would recommend Ellen as a mediator and plan to use her again."

Ed D. Buckley
Attorney at Law
Buckley & Beal, LLP

"I have been using Ellen as a mediator for almost ten years. Each time I have been impressed with her ability to dissect the case and focus on the matters that drive mediation and the respective parties desire for early resolution. She is very effective in using these driving factors without alienating or being too aggressive with my client. I would also give special kudos to Ellen for our most recent mediation. Though the case did not initially settle, three months after the mediation, Ellen took a unique opportunity to renew the settlement discussions on her own initiative that quickly proved to be successful. This extra effort is indicative of the way she has approached all of her mediations. I would recommend Ellen as a mediator and certainly plan to use her again."

Mike Regas II
Attorney at Law
Houck Regas LLC

"Mediations are saving our justice system from imploding by resolving cases that would take years to litigate in a day. But, it is not magic. It only works well when you have an experienced and dedicated mediator with the skills to get the parties to "yes." As a litigator and a mediator, I know what it takes to get the job done, and Ellen is one of the elite mediators I keep on my list."

Lee Parks
Attorney at Law
Parks Chesin & Walbert, P.C.

"Ellen has mediated numerous cases for me and my firm. She has the ability to establish a rapport with all of the parties. She can tackle the complex financial issues and provides a comfortable environment for the parties to address the more emotional issues in domestic cases. She works hard to get the parties to an agreement efficiently and sticks with the mediation process to its completion. I definitely recommend Ellen as a mediator. "

Randy Kessler
Attorney at Law
Kessler & Solomiany, LLC

"Ellen approaches each mediation creatively, with an appreciation of the unique dynamics at play in each caucus room as well as between the respective parties. She understands that it is the clients who should control the process, and she cultivates the clients’ need to be “heard” through the din of claims and defenses, case law and statutes. Ellen’s people skills and subtle tenacity are a winning combination. I highly recommend Ellen as a mediator."

Joe English
Attorney at Law
Taylor English Duma, LLP

"We have had remarkable success resolving contentious business litigation cases with Ellen as a mediator over the last 10 years. She has a unique gift in that she is able to draw adverse parties together in a sensible and calm way, and through listening and reasoning, is able to help them reach a positive solution that fits their needs. She is experienced, dedicated to resolving the case, and I recommend her highly."

Jennifer Grippa
Attorney at Law
Miller & Martin PLLC

"Ellen is an experienced mediator who can get even the most difficult personalities to find common ground. She works energetically and persistently to help the parties find a path to resolution—yet with a special grace that makes the parties feel comfortable with the whole process. I wholeheartedly recommend her for employment-related cases."

Bert Brannen
Attorney at Law
Fisher & Phillips, LLP

"Ellen does a truly fine job in making the mediation process work and bringing the parties to a successful conclusion even when it looks like the parties would remain very far apart. She accomplishes favorable outcomes by showing a strong knowledge of the law and facts coupled with a good deal of patience, or firmness, where and when needed. She always carries a professional demeanor and expertise throughout the process. I have no doubt that mediations with Ellen dramatically affect the judgment of all concerned and the outcome as well."

Doug Powell
Attorney at Law
Hinton & Powell

"Ellen is a very good mediator. She works hard and in my experience pushes both sides. She is able to gently bond with sensitive clients or be steely tough when need be. I have had a very good success rate of settling cases in Ellen's mediations and would certainly work with her again."

Doug Kertscher
Attorney at Law
Hill, Kertscher & Wharton, LLP

"In a hotly contested sexual harassment case, including allegations of quid pro quo harassment, Ellen patiently brought the case to closure within a single day’s mediation. In a setting that oddly resembled ‘Deal or No Deal,’ plaintiff’s family attended the mediation and prodded her to hold out for more money, but Ellen skillfully navigated the dispute toward a rational and reasonable settlement, which included creative non-monetary remedial compromises. Ellen’s substantive knowledge of employment law was an important factor in steering plaintiff toward settlement."

Greg Hare
Attorney at Law
Ogletree Deakins

"Ellen was instrumental in settling a complex commercial case. The parties were very entrenched in their positions and the case seemed to be destined for trial. She worked extremely hard to sort out all of the facts and present them to the parties with a credibility they accepted. I recommend her very highly."

Larry S. Burnat
Attorney at Law
Schreeder, Wheeler & Flint, LLP

"Ellen has successfully mediated a couple of sensitive and difficult cases for me. She does a terrific job in connecting with the parties in a way that provides a more comfortable atmosphere that is conducive to reaching a resolution. She engages in a constructive dialogue that helps the parties understand the benefits of settlement. I find her to be extremely effective and I highly recommend her."

Larry Cooper
Attorney at Law
Cohen Cooper Estep & Allen, LLC

"I initially worked with Ellen on a case in which I was the Guardian ad Litem and Ellen was the mediator. The facts of the case were extremely sensitive and complicated, and I was thrilled to see how diligent and creative Ellen was in crafting a solution that made both parties feel comfortable. Ellen has proven to be incredibly competent, knowledgeable and helpful as a mediator, and I am particularly impressed with how much effort she is willing to expend in order to settle a case. She has the parties' best interest at heart and will not quit until a resolution is reached, and this is reflected in her success rate.”

Kelly Schiffer
Levine & Smith, LLC

"Ms. Malow recently mediated a case involving negligence where liability was admitted and the dispute was over the damages. The main issues were the extent of the injuries and the limitations resulting from the injuries. Ellen quickly grasped the key areas in contention. Her background in this area of law was extremely helpful in bridging the gap between the parties. She was effective and I recommend her highly."

Ray S. Smith, III
Attorney at Law
Smith & Liss, LLC

"Ellen is very effective at driving compromise. She has a wide range of knowledge and gets straight to the common sense issues for and against a case, and communicates frankly but in a non-confrontational way to clients the reasons they need to resolve their dispute."

David Pardue
Attorney at Law
Owen Gleaton Egan Jones, LLP

"I enjoyed using Ellen Malow as a mediator. Sometimes I feel my client is pressured too hard in a mediation, but I did not feel that way at all in this mediation. Ellen gave the clients the room to make their own decisions, and because she did, we reached agreement with all the parties feeling the result was their idea, not the mediator’s."

Lee Wallace
The Wallace Law Firm, LLC

"Ellen is highly skilled as a mediator and strikes a critical balance between being able to reality test parties and their positions, while also building rapport with clients and their counsel throughout negotiations. Highly recommend as a mediator for commercial law and litigation disputes, particularly where parties and lawyers may be firmly entrenched in their respective legal/factual positions."

Keith Lichtman
Attorney at Law
Mills Paskert Divers

"Ms. Malow was well-versed in the facts which gave rise to our lawsuit, as well as the applicable law. These qualities helped to earn the respect of the lawyers, and perhaps more importantly, the respect of the parties. She also identified a reasonable value early in the process, which was critical to the success of the mediation. I recommend her without hesitation."

Charles J. Cole
Attorney at Law
Owen Gleaton Egan Jones & Sweeney, LLP

"Ms. Malow recently conducted a mediation between my client and my client's adversary and did an outstanding job. Not only did Ms. Malow professionally conduct the mediation, she showed great resolve and passion in working with the parties, getting them to focus on their respective cases and controlling the mediation so that the parties treated each other with respect. She maintained a positive tone throughout the mediation to ensure that the parties had the best chance of resolving their disputes. Ms. Malow's communication skills and respect toward the parties provided an open atmosphere required for successful mediation."

James Hunt Yancey, Jr.
Attorney at Law
Troutman Sanders LLP

"Ellen did a great job on a very difficult negotiation involving an unrepresented party and helped us reach a resolution of a matter I had little faith could be achieved. I would use her services again in any employment matter."

Terri Butler Stivarius
Attorney at Law
Epstein, Becker & Green, PC

"Thank you for your hard work at mediating our real estate litigation case. We obtained a good and fair settlement and avoided the cost of trial for our clients. Your tenacious work, especially over the weekend after the official mediation time had ended, was instrumental in helping us seal the deal."

Pamela L. Tremayne
Attorney at Law
Law Offices of Pamela L. Tremayne

"Ms. Malow is truly committed to doing quality work. She demonstrated a quick grasp of the factual background and legal issues and placed both parties at ease with a manner that was friendly, competent, and sincere. I have no reservations with bringing another mediation before her."

Michael Solis
Attorney at Law
Michael Lane Solis, PC

"My circumstances did not belong at trial, but we were headed there. Both attorneys believed they could 'win.' Being an owner of a business, my attention needed to be focused on my work, not on a protracted legal proceeding. Because of the intertwined nature of my business and personal transactions, there were numerous financial issues to resolve.

"Ellen was able to 'cut to the chase' and to bridge the gap between my wife's attorney and my attorney. She worked us through debt allocation, division of assets, child support with private schooling and alimony. Ellen was effective in moving the spotlight off the anger between the parties, bringing focus to the core issues which needed to be addressed. I highly recommend her to others going through a divorce and trying to manage through the drama that takes all off point."

Husband in a divorce action

"A very professional and valuable experience. I believe both parties were best served by the mediation process. Ellen was excellent, well prepared, efficient and responsive. Thanks."

Respondent/Defendant of a domestic case
Fulton County ADR Office
Mid-Year Participant Satisfaction Survey Results 
(January-June 2006)

“Ellen was extremely creative in assisting us in reaching an agreement”

“Appreciated Ellen’s tone, skill and tact as a mediator”

“She had full knowledge of the issues and assisted in the settlement of this case”

“Highly knowledgeable and advanced with a feel for litigation in general and how that is juxtaposed to litigation exposure. Highly professional – someone I will listen to—and I don’t listen”

“Ellen Malow is outstanding and worked to ensure all parties felt heard and understood”

“She did a great job by focusing on the pertinent issues on both sides"

Fulton County ADR Office
Participant Satisfaction Survey Results

"Ellen took a bad situation and turned it into a great experience! I feel like she was the reason for the productive outcome! She made everyone feel comfortable and knew how to get everyone to come to an agreement. Ellen is the bomb! Thanks for everything!"

Respondent of a domestic case
Fulton County ADR Office

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